A new year and work

It is now 2014 and things are looking really good!
New Year’s Eve here in Champoluc was really crazy and all of the seasoners seemed to have an awesome night including me!
Now I and all the other people working here in Champo are looking forward to the 7th of January. Because then almost all of the tourists are heading home so we can have the slopes and the mountains to ourselves! Haha
Now we’re just working everyday and having fun!
This week has been pretty sweet work wise because there has been a lot of buns and other stuff to eat at the service! Either Robin has been walking to Atelier to grab a juice or something or Mario who owns the Restaurant Atelier comes over with some buns or likewise! Best thing that can happen while working! I always get so hungry when working with the service!
Well now I got to go, soon the dinner is ready! But before I go I just have to say I got some big plans for the upcoming weeks! See ya later!





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