So yesterday was my birthday!
The day started with me, Albin and Sofia having a big breakfast and then went up to work cause I had to prepare the servicing machine for later that evening.
When I came to work Robin was already there fixing with the machine, and then he picked up something from his backpack, which turned out to be a gift to me. It was a Champoluc t-shirt and then he said: “Now you can think back to Champoluc where ever you go in the world!” 😀
Then Robin bought me a really nice lunch at Atelier Gourmand, and then the owner of the restaurant came out with a doughnut with a candle in the middle as a little cake which was awesome! 😀
Then after that I got two nice runs in the slope with Siri and Albin before I had to return to work.
After work I got home and got a really tasty dinner and had a nice evening just taking it easy and talking by the dinner table.

All I can say is that it was a nice birthday!

Drop Punta Jolanda(This is a little drop I did in Punta Jolanda a few weeks ago)


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