Am I back?

I haven’t written anything here in almost a year now and all of a sudden I thought I should start again! 🙂

So here I am! Hello everyone!

I have no idea where I should begin, but let’s see what I did after I got home from Italy!

So when I got home to Sweden I stayed like three or four nights at my parents house and then I went to Åre to do some riding in the slushy park and to meet some of my friends and I also made a lot of new ones!

I spent a week and a half in Åre more or less! Then my good friend Filip called me and said that he and the guys from “Raketklubben” where in Hemavan and shredding so I jumped into a car with Ronja and we drove to Umeå and when we got there I took the bus to Hemavan for one day of boarding and craziness!! 🙂

After that weekend in Hemavan I followed the guys to Umeå and moved in with Filip in his apartment in Vännäs and after awhile I got an job as a train conductor at Norrtåg/Botniatåg AB.

Now I have been working here for almost 10 months and lived in Umeå with Filip for about 6-7 months! 🙂

And the summer I had here was really good, back with all my friends just doing stuff! 

And then the winter started coming and even more fun stuff started showing!

I think I have given you enough to read and see, at least for now! Peace!


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